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  • Now in the right pane toggle on Use the On-Screen keyboard option.
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  • Once you have entered Safe Mode, visit the “Installed Drivers” menu and see if any of them have been corrupted or need to be updated.
  • In order to resolve these issues, you must of course update the launcher.
  • If you have no idea, this MiniTool post will be helpful.

I begin with the language selection as a reminder that Rockstar has a lot of territories in mind with this new launcher. I already tried that method got the steam version but its still not working, i think i have found a bug with this game under windows 10. Check your “launcher.log” file located in “My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V”. There are helpful errors there that may give more information to assist HERE you in resolving the problem.

Rockstar Games Launcher Offline Mode

The final option is to do a complete system reinstall, which means that all data will be erased from the console, including all existing firmware updates. Needless to say, these options aren’t ideal, so be sure to back up your save data frequently – whether through cloud saves or an external hard drive. Image via playstation.com From here, you can choose to restart the system, change resolution, update system software, restore defaults, rebuild the database, and initialize. You can learn more about what each of these does on the PlayStation Support site, but I recommend updating the software first. All profiles and games/patches will have to be re-installed.

Port Forwarding On Your Router For Rockstar Games Launcher

People who have anNVIDIAgraphics card can download and install their new drivershere. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to get a good apitrace, since the game is started by the launcher, so any tips or guidance would be appreciated there. I’ve attached logs from my latest attempt with DXVK’s d3d9, d3d11, and dxgi all enabled, where I made it all the way to character selection. If you’re having Black Desert Online issues on your Windows 10 PC, you might not be able to start this game at all. The opens a black screen like its about to start then closes.